Diabetes Type 2 - Obesity and Risk

Dr. McEachern has been evaluating and treating childhood obesity and complications of obesity such as insulin resistance and dyslipidemia for nine years. To date, she has evaluated thousands of children and teenagers and is committed to continuing to improve the health of children and teens within a non-judgmental and positive atmosphere.

Obesity in children and teens is rarely due to one cause and Dr. McEachern ensures that all aspects of the child’s history are explored before determining likely causes and offering suggestions for improvements. She works with the family to develop goals for change. She has a network of nutritionists in the community to whom she refers patients and this network includes those nutritionists found within the RI Department of Health’s Guide.

Dr. McEachern on Lifestyle Changes:

Avoiding sugared drinks and replacing these drinks with water or flavored water can help you and your child decrease up to 5-10 pounds per year.
Cutting back on TV, video games and computer time has also been shown to promote a healthy weight.

Breakfast is critical. Without breakfast, our brains are starved and they spend all day trying to get us to eat as much as possible and burn as few calories as possible. A glass of milk, a low calorie shake, a banana or even a breakfast bar are quick and easy solutions for families who do not have time for a sit down breakfast. 

Getting your body moving is key. Walk as much as you can. Exercise is to me is anything that burns calories including dancing, walking, playing, helping with housework, and active video games.

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