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Notice:Friday, May 15, 2020, 4:00pm
Iím moved by the concern expressed by my patients. I am sorry that my recent email message came across as alarmist. We are all healthy and safe. Pediatric Endocrinology of RI (PERI) is NOT closing. However, my family does have some new challenges that will require adjustments to the practice. I will provide more details over the coming week.

Thank you so much for choosing PERI for your care. We are honoured by your choice. Dr. M

Revised April 28, 2020

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Pediatric Endocrinology of Rhode Island has developed a plan for our patients and practice during this difficult time. This website is the BEST way to check our plan details and find updates and suggestions. We have thus set up a plan to keep everyone as safe as possible. We recognize that nothing can replace face to face visits and having lab results but if we work together, we will do the best we can. We will be adapting our plan as needed as the month progresses. Check this website frequently.

*April 28, 2020: Good Afternoon. I hope you all are doing well despite the tough situation. If you are not doing well, that is OKAY too. There are no wrong feelings in a crisis.

*Itís been almost a month since we transitioned to telehealth visits and things have been quite smooth so far. I am not sure if you are all aware but my family has been through several crises over the last 4+ years. We have learned a lot of lessons in that time and I will be sharing some of those lessons over the next few weeks. One BIG lesson we learned is that our bodies WILL tell us how we are doing and it is very important to listen. Right now, my body is telling me I need to adjust my schedule and so please see below for our new hours. If you have an appointment coming up that falls outside of these new hours, Alexis will contact you and we will find a mutually convenient time for you.

Our physical office will be closed from April 1 until April 30, 2020 (and possibly longer). All visits scheduled from April 1 to April 30, 2020 will be conducted virtually by FaceTime or Skype. Skype can be downloaded for free on almost any device. If you do not have access to either of those modalities, please call Alexis (leave a message and she will call your back). If your visit was scheduled during March and was cancelled, please call Alexis by Monday to get a virtual visit scheduled in April.

USE THE PORTAL/PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE: From April 1 to April 30, 2020, Alexis and Dr. McEachern will be working from their homes. We will not have access to our main phone system and thus our phone system will not be accepting any voicemail messages. We are asking that ALL patients/families set up a portal account if you have not done so already. The link to the portal can be found on this website. The portal will be our primary contact. All questions, appointment requests and prescriptions requests will be done via the portal. Alexis will be a doing check in and check out for the virtual visits via phone but otherwise will be working via the portal. Please do not call the office to cancel or reschedule visits. If you do need to cancel or reschedule your virtual visit, please send a message through the portal the day prior to your scheduled appointment. WE WILL CALL YOU to reschedule. If you have any questions or concerns, send us a message through the portal and WE WILL CALL YOU back (see below).

SCHEDULED BLOODWORK/LABS: If you have or had labs scheduled to be done for your March or April visit, send us a message through the portal and we will advise you directly. In many cases, we can safely postpone bloodwork. In urgent cases, we will try to work with the lab and get your bloodwork done safely with minimal contact.

: If you need prescriptions, please send us a message through the portal and be as precise as possible about exactly what is needed and exactly where to send the prescriptions.
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*VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS: Virtual appointments will occur during the following hours:

TUESDAYS: 9:30-11:30am and 2-5pm
WEDNESDAYS: 1-3pm and 4-6pm
FRIDAYS: 9:30-11:30am and 2-5pm

All visits scheduled will be conducted virtually by FaceTime or Skype. Skype can be downloaded for free on almost any device. Click here to get the Skype App for either Android or iphone.

If you do not have access to either of those modalities, please call Alexis during the hours listed above. If your visit was scheduled, but cancelled, please call Alexis to get a virtual visit scheduled.

BEFORE your visit, please weigh yourself/your child. Then have your insurance information and copay ready and Alexis WILL CALL YOU at your appointment time. She will guide you through the process. Please find a quiet and private spot for the virtual visit. If you have TYPE 1 diabetes, please upload all your devices if you can and have them on hand for the visit. If you usually have your waist measured by Dr. McEachern, we will be mailing you a NEW fabric measuring tape to have ready for the appointment.
Need the app?

*PORTAL MESSAGES: You can SEND a portal message at any time but if a return call is needed from us, please indicate a time to call you back during the following hours and we will do our best to accommodate you. Alexis and Dr. McEachern will review portal messages and return calls during these hours:

MONDAYS: 9am to 12:30PM (Alexis only)
TUESDAYS: 9am-11:30AM and 2-5pm
WEDNESDAYs: 12:30-6pm
THURSDAYS: 9am-2pm
FRIDAYS: 9-11:30am and 2-5pm

FOR ALL NEW REFERRALS OR NEW PATIENTS: If you or your child have been referred to Dr. McEachern by a doctor, please do not call our office. Instead, have the doctor send a referral BY FAX to 401-434-0523 and have them include a referral reason, growth charts, ALL labs done over the last 2 years and the last 1-2 office visit notes. This information will help Dr. McEachern decide how best to help you. If a face to face appointment is needed, we will schedule your appointment in May. If a virtual appointment is possible, we will schedule your appointment in April. WE WILL CALL YOU to set up an appointment and to register you in our portal.

NO-CONTACT MEASUREMENTS AND LABS: We are offering NO-TOUCH, NO-CONTACT height and weight measures this week ONLY. We have designed a system that will allow accurate measures with NO contact and scrubbed down equipment. If you have diabetes and want your A1c done, we have also set up a system to allow NO CONTACT HbA1c measures. These appointments will be offered March 25, 26 and 27 ONLY so please take advantage. The system we have devised will ensure that you are able to get measured or have your HbA1c done in our waiting room in isolation. We ask that ONLY one adult accompany any patients under 14 years of age. Any patients over 14 are asked to enter the waiting room ALONE. Parents may wait just outside the office. Patients will be scheduled so that ONLY one patient at a time will enter our office. Everything will be done in the waiting room. Alexis will remain behind the closed glass window and guide you through the steps of what needs to be done. She will be fully sanitizing the waiting room between patients. Please do not bring in any coats, purses, bags or phones. We will provide a lancing device for HbA1c tests. If you arrive early to your visit, please wait in your car until your scheduled time. Please arrive on time so we have time to have your height or testing done and get everything cleaned before the next scheduled patient. We will provide masks for you to wear to minimize droplet spread and remind you not to touch your faces.

CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES AND NEW CONTENT: Dr. McEachern will soon provide some suggestions to keep everyone as active and healthy as possible. The website will upload those suggestions over the next week.

FOR URGENT MEDICAL ISSUES: If you are in need of urgent medical advice, please text Dr. McEachern directly at 401-419-8091 ANYTIME. To ensure Dr. McEachern is available to patients needing urgent help, please do not text about appointments, prescriptions or non-urgent medical advice. Please text ONLY if you have an URGENT MEDICAL problem.

Thank you.
Rebecca McEachern, MD


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